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Providing Promising Solutions In Real Estate Law

At Avalon Legal Group, we represent a wide range of clients seeking reliable, effective real estate services involving:

  • Buy-sell (purchase-sale) agreements
  • Mortgage documentation drafting
  • Promissory notes
  • Legal aspects of real estate investment and development plans
  • Broker agreements
  • Agent broker liability counsel and dispute resolution
  • Title searches, title insurance guidance, quiet title actions and other title issues
  • Defect litigation
  • Resolution of contractor disputes

Our clients include individual property owners, contractors, developers, investors, finance officers, businesses, commercial landlords and tenants, and other people and organizations that deal with real estate matters. Our business and commercial clients are good at what they do, but they realize they need a lawyer’s advice on liability issues and other legal matters.

Open To Varied Inquiries

Potential clients are welcome to ask about any real estate matter, even those not appearing on the list above. Examples of the diverse cases we handle include:

  • Lease agreement drafting, revision and enforcement having to do with dozens of housing units for homeowners associations (HOAs)
  • HOA litigation
  • Representation of plaintiffs and defendants in real estate litigation
  • Advocacy for property owners’ interests in eminent domain cases

Whatever the legal concern, our experienced lawyers are ready to give the effort needed to find and implement solutions for our clients’ benefit.

We Respect The Bottom Line

In real estate and all legal matters, we realize the importance of transparency and budgeting. Our clients want and deserve to be able to project legal fees, just as they do other parts of their building, leasing, and purchase-sale endeavors. We therefore discuss likely costs and anticipated benefits of proposed legal solutions. We diligently align our efforts with our clients’ needs and goals.

Are You Ready To Discuss Your Concerns With A Real Estate Lawyer?

The attorneys and legal staff at Avalon Legal Group await your call at 702-522-6450 . You may also send an email message for a prompt reply.

Avalon Legal Group represents clients throughout Las Vegas and the surrounding area, including Henderson and Clark County. In addition to English, members of our legal team speak Spanish, Farsi and Russian. Se habla español.