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Wills And Trusts; Asset Protection And Probate

Planning for the transfer of assets from one generation to another is an important part of financial planning over a lifetime. Estate planning is important for people of all social classes and income levels. Our lawyers welcome the opportunity to help you put plans in place that can protect assets as well as give you peace of mind.

Think Ahead — And Act In Your Estate’s Best Interests

“Pay ahead of time or pay later” is a maxim that applies to individuals and families of all means — those with modest, average and above-average asset portfolios. If you die unexpectedly without a will — or with an outdated will still in effect — you may be setting your family up for lengthy, costly proceedings. Having a will in place should enable your beneficiaries to take your estate through probate according to your wishes. On the other hand, legal tools such as trusts may enable your family to avoid probate altogether or to complete the transfer of your assets with fewer hurdles.

Helping your family avoid probate may be your goal. If so, you should discuss trusts and other asset protection methods with a lawyer. A special needs trust may protect a disabled child or another family member. An attorney can advise you on ways to prevent bitter family disputes and other problems associated with your estate. You may think no challenges will affect your estate, but many families have experienced unexpected fallout during the estate administration process because of factors like in-law conflicts, business troubles and addiction.

Investing in thoughtful estate planning and asset protection strategies may be the greatest parting gift for those you care about: your spouse or domestic partner, your children, your brothers or sisters, your closest friend(s) and/or your preferred charitable cause(s).

Talk Over Your Ideas With An Experienced Estate Planning Attorney

The legal team at Avalon Legal Group LLCis here to inform you about ways to direct distribution of your assets after death. We also advise family members and others who are responsible for exercising powers of attorney and taking estates through probate.

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