Create Or Review And Update Your Will

Who needs a will? Chances are good that you do. If you have a family and/or any assets that you wish to pass on, creating a will is one of the smartest legal moves you can make. In simple terms, a will is a testamentary document spelling out your instructions for what will become of your assets when you pass away and detailing any wishes you have related to a funeral, burial, and other final affairs. These are decisions we all need to make, and a will is the best way to record them clearly and unambiguously.

One Of Life’s Greatest Bargains

Drafting a will in Nevada with the help of an attorney does cost money. But the expense of drafting a will is minimal when compared to the costs and headaches your loved ones may experience if there is no written guidance about your estate. Having a will can prevent or minimize the risk of:

  • Paying more than necessary in taxes
  • A long, drawn-out estate administration process (which replaces probate when there is no will)
  • Fighting among family members over prized heirlooms and assets
  • Litigation related to your estate

Our lawyers can help you create a will, update a will or review a will for errors or omissions. We can make sure your current will is signed correctly and otherwise prepared meticulously. Our goal is to make your will as “contest-proof” as it can be — and to ensure that it accurately reflects your wishes.

We Take You Through The Entire Estate Planning Process

Our firm can do more than just help you draft or update a will. We offer comprehensive estate planning services, helping you select and create the precise combination of documents and legal tools you need to customize an estate plan that best fits your needs and goals. We even offer advice on matters that you may not have thought about, such as when and how often to update your estate plan and where to store the documents for safekeeping.

In short, our attorneys are here to give you as much (or as little) guidance as you are seeking.

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