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Pursuing And Defending Claims Through Real Estate Litigation

Disputes involving residential and commercial properties may carry high stakes. Conflicts may bring into question issues like ownership, value, fulfillment of contract terms, and defects of buildings or land. Problems often have to do with processes and transactions such as:

  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating purchase and lease agreements
  • Title searches and reviews
  • Appraisals and inspections
  • Building, remodeling and refurbishing
  • Partitioning of properties
  • Land acquisition or divestiture
  • Conveyances
  • Protection from foreclosures

You may be in one of these roles in a real estate dispute, in need of legal counsel:

  • A buyer or seller in a real estate transaction
  • A broker or finance officer
  • An investor or developer
  • A contractor or architectural engineer
  • A property owner

Avalon Legal Group in Las Vegas is ready to advise and represent you in any real estate litigation matter. Our clients in Henderson, Clark County and other areas benefit from our broad knowledge base. Whatever side of a legal controversy you find yourself on — plaintiff or defendant — the outcome of a lawsuit or damage claim can have a major impact on your long-term financial and strategic well-being. Our real estate law firm brings breach of contract claims and defends people and businesses facing such claims. Our attorneys advise on brokers’ liability issues, boundaries, land use questions, evictions, unlawful detainers and many other issues that can lead to litigation.

Pathways To Dispute Resolution

Determining whether a plaintiff or defendant comes out ahead in a dispute is partly a matter of clarifying costs and consequences. Resolutions may come through:

  • Negotiations between opponents, typically represented by attorneys
  • Alternative dispute resolution — mediation or arbitration
  • Taking a case to trial before a judge and/or jury

A court trial is normally a last resort, because of the high costs involved. Winning a claim is not a win if court costs and attorneys’ fees exceed the value gained or preserved by any method.

For these reasons, real estate litigation attorneys at Avalon Legal Group are deliberate and thoughtful in preliminary advising of clients. We consider it vitally important for our clients to have a clear idea of what their prospects are for prevailing in their cases.

Get Answers, Advice And Direction On Real Estate Litigation

Lawyers at Avalon Legal Group are available to discuss your conflicts over your purchase agreement, zoning petition, eminent domain threat or any real estate-related matter. Reach us in Las Vegas at 702-522-6450 or by email.

We represent clients throughout Las Vegas and the surrounding area. Members of our team speak English, Spanish, Farsi and Russian. Se habla español.