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Get Just Compensation When Rezoning Or Eminent Domain Threatens Your Property

The first phase of a process leading to exercise of eminent domain is typically an idea: a need, a proposal or a plan. When you hear rumors that your city, county or state government may seize your residential or commercial property and/or land and convert it to another use, you naturally wonder how to protect your rights and interests.

Fighting rezoning and land grabbing plans may be an option in the early stages. At some point, however, your legal challenge may instead become a question of coping with the inevitable. Protecting your rights is the priority, no matter what the outcome. You will want to know how to get the highest compensation for your property and how to negotiate the most favorable terms for surrendering it.

Government taking private property to convert it to public use is nothing new. Many private landowners have had to give up portions of landholdings or entire lots for the construction of utility installations, roads and schools, and for other uses in the public interest. Has your business property been targeted as part of a road expansion project? Talk to a lawyer about your options for protesting the proposal.

The rezoning and taking of private property for use by other private entities can be even more difficult to accept. For example, in Clark County and elsewhere, developers and government bodies sometimes propose rezoning low-density housing areas in favor of new, higher density housing and/or commercial uses. Those who will lose their properties often need help to protest these moves. Neighbors also may protest anticipated increased traffic and pollution — and demand mitigation.

Has your home or business in Henderson, Clark County or elsewhere been targeted for redevelopment — perhaps for construction of corporate headquarters or a mixed upscale housing, retail, and office complex? You and neighboring property owners may benefit from legal counsel as you prepare to fight city hall over such a proposal. If you need a lawyer’s advice at this stage, Avalon Legal Group is here to educate you on relevant issues such as land use, zoning and permitting. We can advise you on how to respond to government offers to buy your property.

Realistically speaking, you may realize you are likely to lose the fight to save your property. Your and your neighbors’ efforts may be no match for government or corporate interests that dominate the conversation. Once it becomes inevitable that you will have to surrender your property, you no doubt realize you need legal counsel. You need to know how to respond when eminent domain cannot be stopped.

Consult With An Eminent Domain Lawyer In Las Vegas

Avalon Legal Group is here to help. Our lawyers will fight to get the highest “just compensation” for your property in an eminent domain case by:

  1. Arranging for a proper appraisal using the latest maps showing planned developments that may affect your property
  2. Keeping you in your property for as long as necessary through skillful legal representation against government actions
  3. Providing a fair contingency fee plan to give you peace of mind as your court case moves forward
  4. Keeping you up to date with ready access to answers to your questions. You may always ask your lawyer and/or our support staff for explanations. We make web-based information available to our clients 24/7. Our clients can instantly know the progress of their cases by logging in to our database

Is Eminent Domain Imminent? Find Out What To Do.

Let us advise you on how to protect your interests when a government entity is planning to take your home, ranch or business property. Initial consultations are free at Avalon Legal Group. Request a meeting with a real estate attorney by calling 702-522-6450 or complete an online intake form for a prompt response. Our office represents clients throughout Las Vegas and the surrounding area. We speak English, Spanish, Farsi and Russian. Se habla español.

Attention, Developers

Note: Perhaps you represent a developer on the other side of the equation in property repurposing endeavors. You may face obstacles in an area where eminent domain will be a necessary part of the process. While strictly avoiding conflict of interest, our firm can advise and represent you through legal challenges affecting your development plans.